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side glue for bookbinding

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this series rh products are applicable for different kinds of textbooks、hardcover books、picture albums、magazines etc.
they are suitable for 100- 200g copper sheet paper and very soft, easily flatten. 
it can be operated by single head linear machine,disc machine,elloptical machine and binding machine.
according the different application parts (side binding), different machine speed, different material and weight of paper,  we offer different soultions. we also can offer customized product.
it has the advantages of  good thermostability, environmental protection, good adhesion, fast curing, smooth operation, smokeless and odourless, no wire drawing, not easy to carbonize, etc.

product parameters

soften point(℃)

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 matters need attention

1. before using mass products,please make a trial small amount in advance.

2. the working temperature should not exceed 200℃,in order to avoid carbonization and decomposition. if the working temperature is lower than recommend temperature,the bonding strength is affect as well.

3. the tank lid should be well-covered to avoid the dirt falling.  

hot melt adhesive should as per the principle of "first in,fist out" and "no need melting more if not necessary"  to ensure the best bonding performance and glue's shelf life.

4. hot melt adhesive bonding performance also affect by different seasons,we advise customer not stock too much or consult our engineer and sales before purchase the order quantity.

5. this product should be stored at ventilation, far away from heat source, no direct sunlight, clean and dry warehouse.products shelf life  is 12months in generally.it needs to be tested again after the storage period is exceeded.

6.due to the influence of raw material color,each batch of products may have some color difference,but it does not affect its bonding performance.

7. for further details or technical questions, please contact us.