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column:company news time:2019-09-30

warmly  celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new china!

national day is coming.

we are celebrating the 70th birthday of our motherland.

on this day of national celebration,

i express my wishes and send greetings.

bless my motherland, prosperity and prosperity.

wishing the motherland and the people everything they want!

national day is coming.

there was a festive atmosphere everywhere.

happiness is floating everywhere.

in this peaceful age,

we are the happiest people.

in this peaceful and peaceful day,

thank you to those ancestors who threw their heads and shed blood.

they gave us a comfortable life.

it is they who have given us a strong motherland!

flowers are beautiful only when they have green leaves.

only when the family has the motherland can it be reassured.

only when we are strong can we be happy.

guoan, we can rest assured.

on the 70th birthday of our motherland,

let's bless you.

bless our motherland, more beautiful and stronger!

national day is coming.

the motherland is one year older, and we are one year older.

the state is everybody's and the home is the motherland's.

home and country will never be separated. our hearts are connected.

a strong country makes a small family happy.

a small family is rich, and the country is relaxed.

country and country are inseparable.

a country makes a home.

home is the country!

in our monterland,

among hundreds of millions of people,

we're all small-minded people.

whoever it is,

they are all the favorite people of our motherland.

let's close our eyes and close our hands.

pray for our great motherland,

may the motherland flourish.

may the people live and work in peace and contentment.

may our motherland be more prosperous and strong!